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      The Dilemma of Older Drivers: Independence vs Safety

      Seniors A family health challenge will sideline my theme and guest blogs until spring. I will still weigh in on news items that affect aging and caregiving as they arise. Thanks for your support. Yesterday, ABC news reported an older driver who became confused between the brake and gas pedals and thundered through a car […]

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      The Best Strategy for Protecting Your Financial Health- Guest Blog: Greg Teague, MBA

      Most people assume financial planning is only for wealthy people, but I have a revelation to share with you:  Many people are wealthy simply because they had a plan to become wealthy. If you don’t have a plan for becoming wealthy, the odds are that you probably won’t. Many people are not happy with their […]

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      Why I Don’t Think Weight-loss Surgery is the Answer

      Over one third of American adults and about a fifth of our children are obese. Obesity caries a significant risk of diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and other blood vessel illnesses, as well as arthritis, and some cancers. There are also psychosocial issues related to depression and discrimination.  Everyone is looking for a solution, and now, medical doctors […]

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  • “With experience as an academic geriatrician and primary care doctor, employed physician and entrepreneur in her own medical practice, public policy expert, and private family caregiver, Dr. Woodson bridges theory and practice for a wide variety of audiences.”

    Dr. Joanne Schwartzberg, Scholar-in-residence, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education; former Director of Aging and Community Health, American Medical Association

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