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      Happy Thanksgiving, Caregivers Thank Yourselves

      All too often, we caregivers beat ourselves up for what we did not do, what we cannot do, or what we think we didn’t do quite well enough. Instead, this holiday season, and every day, I want us to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Can you give yourself props for what you did well? Here’s […]

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      Straight Talk with Dr. Cheryl: Reverse Mortgages – Standing My Ground

      I received some feedback from mortgage specialists on my opinions about reverse mortgages. I will clarify my position and stick to my guns. When you have signed for a reverse mortgage, can you sell your home? Can you will it to an heir? I said you cannot, but technically, the answer is “yes.” Your name […]

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    • STRAIGHT TALK WITH DR.CHERYL-Prepare to Care Family Emergency break

      Thanks to all of you for your support. My brother is having surgery, so I’m taking today off and using a former show for Straight Talk With Dr. Cheryl radio program on BlogTalkRadio on Sundays 8am. Please join me next week when I respond to some mortgage brokers’ comments about my reverse mortgage blog.  See […]

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    Dr. Joanne Schwartzberg, Scholar-in-residence, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education; former Director of Aging and Community Health, American Medical Association

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