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I’m A Caregiver. Hear Me Roar! — The Caregiver’s National Anthem

Women’s History Month is an appropriate time to remember that caregiving is a women’s issue. The average family caregiver is a working woman, under age sixty who puts in several caregiving hours at the end of her day. Not only is she unpaid, every year, she spends up to $5000.00 of her own money to give care, even though as a woman, she has fewer financial resources than most men. She is likely to live in a household with dependent children (like 40% of her caregiving comrades,) and also care for parents, grandparents, in-laws, and other older adults. This puts her, and the rest of the 21st Century “Sandwich Generation,” into a triple-decker club! Workers in nursing homes, and community eldercare programs are also mostly women. They do amazingly difficult work for near-minimum wage, and without benefits.

In 1972 Helen Reddy co-wrote and recorded the song “I AM WOMAN,” which became the national anthem for the women’s movement. If we put new lyrics to Helen Reddy’s tune, we can change it into the Caregiver’s National Anthem.

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