To Survive Caregiving by Cheryl Woodson, MD

To Survive Caregiving

To Survive Caregiving: A Daughter's Experience, A Doctor's Advice- 2nd edition

How does a doctor cope when she specializes in older adults and struggles to care for her own ailing parent? Dr. Woodson shares her experience as daughter and geriatrician in this new resource for family caregivers. The book shoots from the hip and from the heart, using everyday language, real caregiver stories, compassion and humor to bring practical information to overwhelmed caregivers. Although it focuses on elder care, the book helps with caregiving for any age, or any illness. This guide encourages caregivers to protect their own health, finances and relationships while they make the tough decisions and give great care.

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The Doctor Is In by Cheryl Woodson, MD book cover

The Doctor is IN

Answering Your Questions About How to Survive Caregiving

Do you have questions about how to take care of seniors without destroying yourself? The Doctor is IN.
This is companion book to the second edition of Dr. Cheryl’s popular resource, To Survive Caregiving: A Daughter’s Experience, A Doctor’s Advice. This book offers the Five Keys to Caregiver Survival and Dr. Cheryl’s unique perspective: a doctor with over 30 years of experience teaching and practicing Geriatric Medicine and a daughter who navigated her mother’s 10-year journey with Alzheimer’s disease. Each chapter answers a specific question caregivers asked in Dr. Cheryl’s medical practice or at her national presentations. These chapters tackle some of the most difficult challenges in eldercare, including how caregivers can manage their guilt, grief, stress, personal needs, and other responsibilities, balance a senior’s independence with their safety, and transition to life after caregiving. Dr. Cheryl also shows new caregivers how to “Prepare to Care.” In an especially poignant chapter, she speaks to “Another Kind of Widow,” the spouses of people with dementia. Other chapters dispel common misconceptions about Alzheimer’s disease and offer wisdom from the “Care Warriors”, seasoned caregivers Dr. Cheryl has known over the years. Dr. Cheryl informs, supports, and reassures caregivers that they can give excellent eldercare without sacrificing their health, finances, relationships, and their joy.

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Dear Lauren Love Mom by Cheryl Woodson, MD

Dear Lauren, Love Mom

31 Days of Affirmations for My Daughter, for Myself, and for YOU

No heart bleeds like a woman’s heart, especially the heart of a mother who had to watch her daughter go through a period of great struggle. Mom felt so powerless that she poured her love and support into these affirmations. Each message declares that her daughter is a magnificent woman who deserves to have good in her life and has the absolute right to stop tolerating distressful situations and people. Mom intended to strengthen her daughter. She did not expect to heal herself. As she wrote, Mom felt the words seep into her spirit and heal old hurts that she didn’t know she carried. Like many other women, she buried her pain to focus on the people she loved. In writing to her daughter, Mom learned that hidden hurts don’t heal. Their poison drains our energy, destroys our hope, and convinces us to give up our dreams. It also erodes our love for ourselves, persuades us to believe we are helpless, and makes us accept damaging circumstances. That stops here! Let this book guide you to heal your hurts. Each affirmation comes with a specially-selected photograph that harnesses the glory of nature to make your spirit soar. Let these images and uplifting messages comfort and inspire you. Whether you are a grandmother, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, friend, or mentor, the people you support are watching you deal with your pain. Let these pages release your power to walk the path of self-care, reclaim your joy, and show others that they deserve to heal too.

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Dear Lauren Love Mom by Cheryl Woodson, MD -- Workbook & Journal

Dear Lauren, Love Mom

31 Days of Affirmations for My Daughter, for Myself, and For YOU - Workbook and Journal

Readers of the inspirational photographic book, Dear Lauren, Love Mom: 31 Days of Affirmations for My Daughter, for Myself, and for YOU, requested a workbook to guide their discussions. In this volume, Dr. Cheryl reviews each affirmation, offers insightful comments, and poses thoughtful questions that stimulate honest introspection. She also provides ample journaling space so each reader can record thoughts, feelings, and plans to grow and overcome the scars life has placed on the heart. Specific instructions guide group leaders to create a safe, encouraging, supportive, and judgement-free space where attendees can move toward self-care strategies and true healing. Other instructions show readers how to use the journal pages to tell the truth to themselves and walk on their individual paths with resilience, grace, and joy. Whether readers walk with safe, supportive partners or by themselves, Dr. Cheryl wants them to know they are loved and deserve joy.

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