Straight talk with Dr. Cheryl about how to LIVE OUT LOUD and AGE EXCELLENTLY.

Seek Excellence Not Perfection

Dr. Cheryl reminds us in her book, Dear Lauren Love Mom, that perfection is impossible and seeking it causes unnecessary pain. When when we focus on excellence, we learn from our mistakes and grow.

Escape From the Prison of Silence
In a world where COVID-19 and social upheaval have left us feeling isolated and disconnected, Dr. Cheryl encourages us to break free from the prison of silence by sharing our fears, hopes, and strategies with each other.
Dear Lauren Love Mom teaches you to be “Blessed with GRACE”
Discover how to manage your money with grace and prepare for difficult times with Dr. Cheryl’s new book, “Dear Lauren, Love Mom: 31 Days of Affirmations.” With seven sections filled with helpful affirmations and practical advice, this book is perfect for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and create a better life for themselves and their loved ones.
Dear Lauren, Love Mom will teach you about the power of NO
In her new book, “Dear Lauren, Love Mom: 31 Days of Affirmations for My Daughter, for Myself, and for You,” Dr. Cheryl shares powerful insights and tools for getting through difficult times. From learning to say “no” to putting yourself out there, this book offers practical advice and affirmations for anyone looking to heal old hurts and move their life forward. Get your copy today on
Dear Lauren Love Mom is comfort for you
Dr. Cheryl shares insights on her book “Dear Lauren, Love Mom: 31 Days of Affirmations for My Daughter, for Myself, and for You,” discussing sections three and four on getting a new attitude and dealing with difficult times, and how striving for excellence, not perfection, can help us through tough situations. Available on Amazon, the book provides positive affirmations to encourage and uplift during challenging times.
Dear Lauren Love Mom by Dr. Cheryl has messages for your spirit
Dr. Cheryl introduces her new book, “Dear Lauren, Love Mom,” a collection of affirmations that helped her daughter through a difficult time in her life. The book is organized into seven sections, each with a group of affirmations that address different themes, and Dr. Cheryl encourages everyone to grab a copy to not only help others but also themselves.
Dr Cheryl’s new book Dear Lauren Love Mom in seven sections.
Dr. Cheryl’s new book “Dear Lauren, Love Mom” is a collection of 31 affirmations organized into seven sections, each with a unique theme, to encourage and heal not only her daughter but also herself and anyone else who reads it. With beautiful nature photography accompanying each affirmation, this book is sure to lift your spirits and help you get through difficult times. Available now on
Protect Your Spirit with Bubbles
Dr. Cheryl shares her thoughts on bubbles and how they represent love, joy, aspirations, and possibilities. In these turbulent times, it’s important to keep our minds and hearts full of bubbles to remain resilient and thrive through changes. Watch the video to learn more and check out her book “Dear Lauren, Love Mom: 31 Days of Affirmations” to help take care of yourself and those you love.
Welcome to Dr. Cheryl’s new book Dear Lauren, Love Mom
Introducing “Dear Lauren, Love Mom” by Dr. Cheryl Woodson – a book of 31 affirmations to uplift and encourage during difficult times. With each affirmation comes a specially selected photograph to make your spirits soar. Get your copy on Amazon and join Dr. Cheryl for virtual book presentations on Facebook.
Step out there and go for it at any age.
Dr. Cheryl Woodson, a geriatrician, shares her insights on retirement and the exciting possibilities that come with it. With wisdom, resilience, and a LinkedIn contact list, she encourages people to embrace the changes and look for joy in their third 30 years.



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