Got COVID-19 Blues? Protect the Bubbles in Your Heart.

I see bubbles as packages of hope. They also hold love, joy, aspirations, and possibilities. Bubbles are beautiful, translucent, and iridescent. They are light and float up in the wind. They are also fragile.

In these times, we face irrevocable changes in what we thought we knew, how we expected our lives to work, and the structures that we thought made us who we are. The power of resilience is one of the messages in my new book, Dear Lauren, Love Mom: 31 Days of Affirmations for My Daughter, for Myself and for YOU. While we face reality and handle our business, we need to develop and nurture resilience. I think we do that by keeping a part of our heads and hearts full of bubbles. Don’t share your space with people who have pins.

Dear Lauren, Love Mom also talks about how to have and be good friends.  Some people don’t realize they have pins and when they prick, they can acknowledge the pain their words and actions cause. That’s okay. However, there are other people who don’t like bubbles, can’t tolerate bubbles, and choose not to control their pins…even for you. Don’t share space with them.

It’s not always possible to keep pin-prickers out of our physical space (family) or operational space (classmates, co-workers, and colleagues). Emotional space? Definitely. We can limit the resources we invest in them and pay close attention to the non-renewable resources: time, sleep, and energy.

Another Dear Lauren, Love Mom message reminds us that we deserve good relationships. Sometimes, it’s hard to recognize the pin-pricking kind. The relationship affirmation offers a template to use when you’re trying to figure that out.

Get a copy of Dear Lauren, Love Mom for everyone you love and want to encourage. Make sure YOU are one of those people and keep blowing bubbles.

Photo by Fernando Trivino in Upsplash



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