Dr. Cheryl Woodson

Woodsonian Informational Thoughts on Thursday: Basking in the Loving Power of Women

I know I promised to talk about more approaches to the challenge of maintaining a satisfying sex life in mid-life and beyond, and I’ll do that tomorrow, but my daughter had an emergency hospitalization at 1AM yesterday morning. I need to give a praise-report for my SisterFriends.

This is a group of women from all over the country who form a support-net that any of us can activate on a moment’s notice. Many of us even get “vibes” when one of us needs help. There will be “a disturbance in the Force,” and someone will call, post a prayer request, or send out an electronic APB to find someone in trouble.We do not have meetings; many of us do not even know each other, but we are connected by extending love to anyone who knows someone we love. Yesterday was no exception, but this time, I needed the rescue.

The doctors decided to admit my baby at about 3AM. I texted my anchor people, figuring that they’d get the messages when they woke up. This was okay because past experience has taught me that just reaching out gives me enough juice to make it to the next stop. It doesn’t matter that they don’t get back to me right away, but yesterday morning, a miracle happened. PEOPLE GOT UP, texting immediate words of comfort, encouragement, support, and solidarity. Even ladies who don’t usually keep their phones on overnight had done so without thinking about it. Some have special expertise and did not hesitate to give the great Dr. Woodson some marching orders. They knew that even though Dr. Woodson was trying to keep everything together, Cheryl was a basket-case, and Mommy was really the one on point. Mother adrenaline is better than blood and oxygen. It gets the work done, but only delays the fear and pain. You need laps to sit in, shoulders to cry on, and hands at your back to cushion the crash when it comes. My SisterFriends are all that for me and more.

Some are close; some live around the country. Most are working, some in high-level, high-stress positions where sleep is at a premium, but EVERBODY got up to reach for me. One of my SisterFriends has such financial stress that gas-money is often thin, but she offered to drive (40 miles roundtrip) to sit with me in the ER. She keeps extending the offer to meet me at the hospital, or drive with me so I won’t be alone. Each trip would eat gas that she needs for her job search, but she didn’t hesitate. EVERYBODY wanted to be sure I wasn’t alone, and many others offered to drive, so I could just BE. The calls, emails, and texts just keep coming.

In her sitcom, Living Single (Fox 1993-98,) Queen Latifah said, “In a 90’s kinda world, I’m glad I got my girls.” Twenty-five years later, I know she didn’t lie.

I will complete Frisky after 50 tomorrow.

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness and National Caregiver Months, dedicated to intrepid families, battling Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Woodsonian Inspirational Musings on Monday will give heart and hand to caregivers who struggle with the special challenge of dementia-care. Woodsonian Informational Thoughts on Thursday will offer guidance about how to recognize problems with memory and other brain functions, access appropriate testing, and explore treatment options. I’ll also give comfort to those of us with what my Aunt Will called “CRS – I can’t remember sh_ _!” I am blessed and privileged to also offer Wisdom on Wednesday, guest blogs from people with special expertise on testing, finance, research, and resources.

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2 Responses

  1. shellie fox says:

    We are all Gods children therefore we are our sisters keeper, There is nothing like the sisterhood. God bless our sisters who help us to fight and win the battles, whether they be every day battles or those once in a lifetime battles that we don’t think we are able to survive.

    • Cheryl Woodson says:

      Amen Sister,
      Women say that we are trained to mistrust each other ( perhaps to compete over men???). I hope todays mothers teach our daughters that competition is so outdated. You can’t make a man do something he doesn’t want to do, nor stop doing something he wants to do. Let’s teach our daughters to support, uplift, challenge, encourage, and share joy with each other, and let’s not forget to do that for each other. Our sister’s keeper is absolutely right. A few years back one of us took her life. In the healing circle that followed her services, many of us cried that knew it was coming and were rebuffed when we reached out, but many more of the group had no idea. We committed that night to checking in with each other, not taking platitudes like “Blessed and highly favored” as a response to our concerns, and being open asking for and accepting help. We also committed to having fun and sharing joy with each other , not just having B- sessions. Thanks for your comment.