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Dr. Woodson is available for keynote presentations, workshops, seminars and consultation about program development and implementation for professional organizations and community events. Contact her directly for program options and fees.


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Current HOT Topics:

Protecting Your Loved Ones in the New Health Care System: The Caregiver’s Role

Illness has made money in this country for almost 70 years. The Affordable Care Act sets new goals to promote wellness, but it may take a generation before health care professionals, administrators, and communication systems catch up. Professional schools have not yet shifted from teaching reactive, disease-oriented, technology-driven and episodic care the proactive, wellness-focused, coordinated care that decreases unnecessary hospitalization.  Most computerized information systems are not in place, and where they exist, many are not compatible. AND since the recent election, there is no way to know how the health care system will look in the future.

PEOPLE WILL DIE if families do not learn how to stand in the gap. Dr. Woodson gives specific strategies for what to bring, what to ask, and what to do to protect your loved ones in every care setting.


He Did What?
The Impaired Client or Worker

Dr. Woodson reviews strategies to develop and employee evaluation and assistance protocols, especially for clients and employees who seem to have memory loss.

What do you do if you are a financial advisor and Mr. Long-term Client wants to purchase $80K worth of peanuts? What if Ms. Top-notch Manager makes unusual errors, exhibits erratic, or strange behavior? Both people are adults; neither has been deemed incompetent, nor given permission to contact family members, BUT Mr. Client’s family could sue if you allow him to squander their inheritance. Ms. Manager could file EEO complaints. There are strategies for general performance evaluation and for partnering with community aging services to bring fair, impartial assessment, information and assistance without violating privacy, or other rights.


Your Body is Here; Your Mind is With Grandma.
EPA solutions for Workers Struggling with Eldercare

Dr. Woodson discusses strategies to provide information and assistance to improve productivity and attendance among care-giving employees.

Every year, more mid-life adults find themselves struggling with elder care. In childcare, the dependent person usually becomes more capable with time, but in elder care, the person needing care becomes less capable, requiring more care every year. Caregivers may call home frequently, leave work early, or come in late. They are often distracted by worrying about seniors who are unsupervised at home. An increasing number of adults have to leave the workforce entirely, taking their expertise and work ethic with them. Companies can partner with community and national organizations to provide support, information and care coordination to keep workers at work, fully engaged and productive.