Dr. Cheryl Woodson

Seminars for the Workplace

  • Can You Surf the Silver Tsunami?

    Dr. Woodson prepares corporations, communities and professional caregivers and their trainees serve the coming wave of seniors successfully. Dr. Woodson prepares corporate human resource, employee assistance and risk management directors: Increase market-share among seniors through appropriate physical plant and customer service systems Enjoy the wisdom and work ethic of mature employees through relevant human resource […]

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  • TO SURVIVE CAREGIVING: A Daughter’s Experience, A Doctor’s Advice

    This presentation is based on Dr. Woodson’s book TO SURVIVE CAREGIVING: A Daughter’s Experience, A Doctor’s Advice. It can be adapted for family caregivers or the professionals who support them to give excellent elder care without destroying their own physical, financial, emotional or physical health. Dr. Woodson: Removes guilt by explaining why the responsibilities of today’s […]

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  • He Did What?- The Impaired Client or Worker

    Dr. Woodson reviews strategies to develop and employee evaluation and assistance protocols, especially for clients and employees who seem to have memory loss. What do you do if you are a financial advisor and Mr. Long-term Client wants to purchase $80K worth of peanuts? What if Ms. Top-notch Manager makes unusual errors, exhibits erratic, or […]

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  • Your Body is Here; Your Mind is With Grandma. EPA solutions for Workers Struggling with Eldercare

    Dr. Woodson discusses strategies to provide information and assistance to improve productivity and attendance among care-giving employees. Every year, more mid-life adults find themselves struggling with elder care. In childcare, the dependent person usually becomes more capable with time, but in elder care, the person needing care becomes less capable, requiring more care every year. Caregivers may […]

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  • Solutions for the Mature Work Force – They Don’t Need Obstetrical Benefits.

    Dr. Woodson discusses changes in physical plant to decrease falls and other accidents, and human resources options to improve health and wellness of senior employees. Baby boomers are expecting to work more years to qualify for social security, and to maintain income for a comfortable life. Others will choose to remain in the workforce   […]

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